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MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


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Number Author Title Published
52-2012 Dai Yagihara Inter-Governmental Managerial Mechanisms in Australia
51-2012 May Elsayyad and Shima'a Hanafy Voting Islamist or Voting secular? An Empirical Analysis of Voting Outcomes in "Arab Spring" Egypt Public Choice 160, 2014, 109–130
50-2012 Henrik Egbert and Andreas Hildenbrand Strukturelle Hemmnisse für den Ausbau der Kindertagesbetreuung in Deutschland German Review of Social Policy 63(10), 2014, 253-258
49-2012 Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt Explaining Constitutional Change: The Case of Judicial Independence International Review of Law and Economics 48, 2016: 1-13
48-2012 Vahidin Jeleskovic and Benjamin Schwanebeck Assessment of a spatial panel model for the efficiency analysis of the heterogonous healthcare systems in the world
47-2012 Moritz Bonn Migrants' Acquisition of Cultural Skills and Selective Immigration Policies Migration Studies 3, 2014: 32-48
46-2012 Matthias Neuenkirch Establishing a Hawkish Reputation: Interest Rate Setting by Newly Appointed Central Bank Governors Applied Economics Letters 22, 2014: 391-396
45-2012 Ivo Bischoff and Stefan Krabel The tax and the mighty: Tax payer concentration lowers local business taxation in German Municipalities
44-2012 Marco de Pinto The redistribution of trade gains and the equity-efficiency trade-off
43-2012 Evelyn Korn and Matthias Wrede Working Working Mums and Informal Care Givers: The Anticipation Effect B.E. Journals of Economic Analysis and Policy (Advances), 14 (2), 2014, 473-498
42-2012 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa Welfare-Induced Migration of the Elderly in Japan - Gender differences in welfare migration patterns among the elderly
41-2012 Tobias Caris and Bernd Hayo Female Labour Force Participation in Arab Countries: The Role of Identity Review of Middle East Economics and Finance 9, 2013, 271-292
40-2012 Moritz Bonn Costs and Benefits of Immigration and Multicultural Interaction
39-2012 Ulrich Zierahn The effect of market access on the labor market: Evidence from German reunification
38-2012 Ulrich Zierahn Monocentric Cities, Endogenous Agglomeration, and Unemployment Disparities
37-2012 Björn Frank and Stefan Krabel Gens una sumus?! – Or Does Political Ideology Affect Experts' Aesthetic Judgment of Chess Games? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 92, 2013, 66-78
36-2012 Matthias Greiff and Fabian Paetzel The Importance of Knowing Your Own Reputation
35-2012 Matthias Neuenkirch and Peter Tillmann Inflation Targeting, Credibility, and Non-Linear Taylor Rules Journal of International Money and Finance 41, 2014, 30-45
34-2012 Ivo Bischoff, Carolin Neuhaus, Peter Trautner and Bernd Weber The Neuroeconomics of Voting: Neural Evidence of Different Sources of Utility in Voting Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics 6, 2013: 215-235
33-2012 Thomas K. Bauer, Tanja Kasten and Lars-H. Siemers Business Taxation and Wages: Evidence from Individual Panel Data
32-2012 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan Does the Iranian Oil Supply Matter for the Oil Price?
31-2012 Katharina Stepping The Determinants of Selection and Allocation Decisions for Health Assistance. Which Role do Health Indicators Play?
30-2012 Katharina Stepping Do Poor Health Conditions Lead to Higher Allocation of Development Assistance?
29-2012 Andreas Hildenbrand Is a "Firm" a Firm? A Stackleberg Experiment Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal 7 (2013): 1–26
28-2012 Janick Christian Mollet and Andreas Ziegler Is Socially Responsible Investing Really Beneficial? New Empirical Evidence for the US and European Stock Markets
27-2012 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Gunther Markwardt Pollution, Economic Development and Democracy:Evidence from the MENA countries
26-2012 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Andreas Buehn Hold Your Breath: A New Index of Air Quality Energy Economics, 37, 2013: 104-113
25-2012 Sven Rudolph, Takeshi Kawakatsu Tokyo’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme: A Model for Sustainable Megacity Carbon Markets?
24-2012 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan Resource Wealth and Entrepreneurship: A Blessing or a Curse?
23-2012 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan Military Spending and Economic Growth: The Case of Iran Defence and Peace Economics 25, 2014: 247-269
22-2012 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Tim Mennel Fiscal decentralization and Pollution: Institutions Matter
21-2012 Marcel Förster, Markus Jorra and Peter Tillmann The Dynamics of International Capital Flows: Results from a Dynamic Hierarchical Factor Model Journal of International Money and Finance 48, 2014: 101-124
20-2012 Jana Brandt and Markus Jorra Aid Withdrawal as Punishment for Defaulting Sovereigns? An Empirical Analysis
19-2012 Markus Alzer and Ramin Dadasov Financial Liberalization and Institutional Development Economics & Politics 25, 2013: 424-452
18-2012 Andreas Lange and Andreas Ziegler Offsetting versus Mitigation Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis for the U.S. and Germany Environmental and Resource Economics 66, 2017:
17-2012 Bernd Hayo and Matthias Uhl Regional Effects of Federal Tax Shocks Southern Economic Journal 82, 2015: 343-360
16-2012 Michael J. Lamla and Samad Sarferaz Updating Inflation Expectations
15-2012 Peter Tillmann Capital Inflows and Asset Prices: Evidence from Emerging Asia Journal of Banking and Finance 37, 2013: 717–729
14-2012 Reinhold Kosfeld and Jorgen Lauridsen Identifying Clusters within R&D Intensive Industries Using Local Spatial Methods
13-2012 Henning Fischer, Marta García-Bárzana, Peter Tillmann and Peter Winker Evaluating FOMC forecast ranges: an interval data approach Empirical Economics, 47, 2014: 365-388
12-2012 Ivo Bischoff and Frédéric Blaeschke Window-Dressing and Lobbying in Performance-Budgeting: a Model for the Public Sector
11-2012 Christoph Bühren, Björn Frank and Rosemarie Nagel A Historical Note on the Beauty Contest Mathematical Social Sciences, 90, 191-207
10-2012 Marco de Pinto Unemployment Benefits as Redistribution Scheme of Trade Gains - A Positive Analysis International Trade and Unemployment, Springer, 2013
09-2012 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier Leaders' Impact on Public Spending Priorities: The Case of the German Laender Kyklos 65, 2012: 480–511
08-2012 Matthias Greiff and Fabian Paetzel Reaching for the Stars: An Experimental Study of the Consumption Value of Social Approval
07-2012 Hans G. Nutzinger Dogmen- und realhistorische Aspekte des Wohlfahrtsbegriffs
06-2012 Peter Tillmann and Maik H. Wolters The Changing Dynamics of US Inflation Persistence: a Quantile Regression Approach Studies in Non-Linear Dynamics and Econometrics 19, 2014
05-2012 Max Albert and Andreas Hildenbrand Industrial Organization in the Laboratory Homo Oeconomicus 33, 2016: 135-156
04-2012 Sven Rudolph Marktbasierte Klimapolitik in den USA: „Wind of Change“ oder „Blown by the Wind“?
03-2012 Jochen Michaelis Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union: The role of the Cost Channel Credit and Capital Markets – Kredit und Kapital 49, 2016: 1-36
02-2012 Benjamin Käfer and Jochen Michaelis Länderrisiko: Die ökonomischen Konsequenzen einer Herabstufung durch die Rating-Agenturen Wirtschaftsdienst: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik 92, 2012: 95-100
01-2012 Melanie-Kristin Beck, Bernd Hayo, and Matthias Neuenkirch Central Bank Communication and Correlation between Financial Markets: Canada and the United States International Economics and Economic Policy 10, 2013: 277-296