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MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


Coordination: Bernd Hayo • Philipps University Marburg
School of Business and Economics • Universitätsstraße 24, D-35032 Marburg
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Contact: Israel García
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Number Author Title Published
41-2018 Vahidin Jeleskovic and Christian Bergholz Empirical analysis of the decisions of German citizens for environmental protection distinguishing between reward and public award: Results from a survey among citizens in a small German city
40-2018 Wolfgang Kerber Data Governance in Connected Cars:The Problem of Access to In-vehicle Data
39-2018 Vahidin Jeleskovic and Anastasios Demertzidis Comparing different methods for the estimation of interbank intraday yield curves
38-2018 Julika Herzberg and Oliver Lorz Sourcing from Conflict Regions: Policies to Improve Transparency in International Supply Chains
37-2018 Heinz Gebhardt and Lars‐H. R. Siemers Zur strukturellen Finanzlage der Länder: eine aktuelle Auswertung und Methodenkritik
36-2018 Sebastian Schäfer Reconciling Emissions Trading and the Promotion of Renewable Energy
35-2018 Sebastian Schäfer Decoupling the EU ETS from subsidized renewables and other demand side effects - Lessons from the impact of the EU ETS on CO2 emissions in the German electricity sector Energy Policy, Vol. 133.
34-2018 Sebastian Schäfer Subsidizing Renewable Energy: Higher Welfare by lower depreciation costs for fossil power plants?
33-2018 Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt The Long-Term Relationship Between De Jure and De Facto Judicial Independence
32-2018 Paul Rudel and Peter Tillmann News Shock Spillovers: How the Euro Area Responds to Expected Fed Policy
31-2018 Sajjad. F. Dizajia and Mohammad R. Farzanegan Do sanctions reduce the military spending in Iran?
30-2018 Seo-Young Cho Social Capital and Innovation - Can Social Trust Explain the Technological Innovation of the High-performing East Asian Economies?
29-2018 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier Central bank Independence in New Zealand: Public Knowledge About and Attitude Towards the Policy Target Agreement
28-2018 Coletta Frenzel Baudisch Sectoral FDI and the Real Exchange Rate: The Role of Financial Development
27-2018 Andreas Ziegler Heterogeneous preferences and the individual change to alternative electricity contracts
26-2018 Immaculate Machasio Do remittance flows promote financial inclusion?
25-2018 Stefan Büchele Bridging the Gap - how Effective are Remedial Math Courses in Germany?
24-2018 Jörg Schmidt Unconventional Monetary Policy and Bank Risk-Taking in the Euro Area
23-2018 Marco de Pinto and Jochen Michaelis The Labor Market Effects of Trade Union Heterogeneity Economic Modelling, Vol. 78 (2019), pp. 60-72.
22-2018 Monika Banaszewska and Ivo Bischoff Grants-in-aid and the prospect of re-election:The impact of EU funds on mayoral elections in Poland
21-2018 Bernd Hayo and Edith Neuenkirch Survey on Germans’ Attitudes Towards and Knowledge of Monetary Policy Issues: Documentation of Survey Methodology and Descriptive Results
20-2018 Peter Tillmann and Andreas Walter ECB vs Bundesbank: Diverging Tones and policy Effectiveness
19-2018 Bernd Hayo, Israel García, Pierre-Guillaume Méon, Florian Neumeier and Duncan Roth Public Attitudes Towards Asylum Seekers, Immigrants in the Workplace, Inflation, and Local Budgets: Evidence from a Representative Survey of the German Population
18-2018 Christian Beyer, Elke Kottmann and Korbinian
von Blanckenburg
The Welfare Implications of the European Trucks Cartel
17-2018 Almut Balleer and Morten Endrikat The effect of air quality on welfare accounting
16-2018 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan Cognitive Ability and Corruption: Rule of Law (still) Matters
15-2018 David Lenz and Peter Winker Measuring the Diffusion of Innovations from Technology News using Topic Modeling
14-2018 Jens Klose Equilibrium Real Interest Rates for the BRICS Countries
13-2018 Martin Backfisch The Development of Firm Size and Innovativeness in the Pharmaceutical industry between 1989 and 2010
12-2018 Martin Baumgärtner and Jens Klose Forecasting Exchange Rates with Commodity Prices - A Global Country Analysis
11-2018 Josh Ederington and Georg Götz Leapfrogging: Time of Entry and Firm Productivity
10-2018 Daniel Grabowski, Anna Staszewska-Bystrova
and Peter Winker
Skewness-Adjusted Bootstrap Confidence Intervals and Confidence Bands for Impulse Response Functions
09-2018 David Finck, Jörg Schmidt and Peter Tillmann Mortgage Debt and Time-Varying Monetary Policy Transmission
08-2018 Jens Klose Are Eastern European Taylor Reaction Functions Asymmetric in Inflation or Output: Empirical Evidence for four Countries
07-2018 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Bernd Hayo Sanctions and the Shadow Economy: Empirical Evidence from Iranian Provinces
06-2018 Hongyi Chen, Ran Li and
Peter Tillmann
Pushing on a String: State-Owned Enterprises and Monetary Policy Transmission in China
05-2018 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier Households’ Inflation Perceptions and Expectations: Survey Evidence from New Zealand
04-2018 Andreas Hanl Some Insights into the Development of Cryptocurrencies
03-2018 Oliver Lorz and Susanna Thede Tariff Overhang and Aid: Theory and Empirics
02-2018 Nataliya Kusa Should intra-familial time transfers be compensated financially?
01-2018 Matthias Göcke Economic Hysteresis with Multiple Inputs– a Simplified Treatment