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MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


Coordination: Bernd Hayo • Philipps University Marburg
School of Business and Economics • Universitätsstraße 24, D-35032 Marburg
Tel. +49-6421-2823091, Fax: +49-6421-2823088

Contact: Israel García
Tel. +49-6421-28 23090


Number Author Title Published
50-2020 Jenny Bethäuser and Jennifer Muschol The Die is Cast - Factors Influencing Mortality during the COVID-19 Pandemic
49-2020 Dzung Bui, Lena Dräger, Bernd Hayo and Giang Nghiem Consumer Sentiment During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Others' Beliefs
48-2020 Peter Tillmann Financial Markets and Dissent in the ECB’s Governing Council
47-2020 Bernd Hayo and Sascha Mierzwa Stock Market Reactions to Legislated Tax Changes: Evidence from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom
46-2020 Johannes Zahner Above, but Close to Two Percent. Evidence on the ECB’s Inflation Target Using Text Mining
45-2020 Ivo Bischoff and Aleksandra Wimberger Does Competition Spur Social Media Deployment among Local Governments? Evidence from the Deployment of Facebook in the German State of Hesse
44-2020 Christoph Bühren and Astrid Dannenberg The Demand for Punishment to Promote Cooperation Among Like-Minded People
43-2020 Christoph Bühren and Lisa Träger The Impact of Psychological Pressure and Psychological Traits on Performance – Experimental Evidence of Penalties in Handball
42-2020 Christoph Bühren and Maria Daskalakis Which Green Nudge Helps to Save Energy? Experimental Evidence
41-2020 Martin Baumgärtner Information or Uncertainty Shocks?
40-2020 Wolfgang Kerber From (Horizontal and Sectoral) Data Access Solutions towards Data Governance Systems
39-2020 Elina Khachatryan and Christoph Bühren Letting off Steam! Experimental Evidence on Inappropriate Punishment
38-2020 Christoph Bühren, Tim Meyer and Christian Pierdzioch Experimental Evidence on Forecaster (anti-) Herding in Sports Markets
37-2020 Christoph Bühren and Marco Pleßner IKEA Effect vs. Trophy Effect – An Experimental Comparison
36-2020 David Finck and Peter Tillmann Pandemic Shocks and Household Spending
35-2020 Sajjad F. Dizaji and Mohammad R. Farzanegan Democracy and Militarization in Developing Countries: A Panel Vector Autoregressive Analysis
34-2020 Vahidin Jeleskovic, Mirko Meloni and Zahid Irshad Younas Cryptocurrencies: A Copula Based Approach for Asymmetric Risk Marginal Allocations
33-2020 Gunnar Gutsche, Heike Wetzel and Andreas Ziegler Determinants of Individual Sustainable Investment Behavior – A Framed Field Experiment
32-2020 Igor Asanov, Christoph Bühren and Panagiota Zacharodimou The Power of Experiments: How Big is your n?
31-2020 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier Between Fear Mongers and Samaritans: Does Information Provision Affect Attitudes towards the Right of Asylum in Germany?
30-2020 Tobias Beck Lying and Mistrust in the Continuous Deception Game
29-2020 Daniel Engler, Elke D. Groh, Gunnar Gutsche and Andreas Ziegle Acceptance of Climate-Oriented Policy Measures in Times of the COVID-19 crisis
28-2020 Wolfgang Habla, Vera Huwe and Martin Kesternich Beyond Monetary Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adption: Evidence from Observed Usage of Private and Shared Cars
27-2020 Beate Fischer, Gunnar Gutsche and Heike Wetzel Who Wants to Get Involved? Determinants of Citizens’ Willingness to Participate in German Renewable Energy Cooperatives
26-2020 David Finck and Paul Rudel Do Credit Supply Shocks Have Asymmetric Effects?
25-2020 Jens Klose and Peter Tillmann COVID-19 and Financial Markets: A Panel Analysis for European Countries
24-2020 Philipp Kirchner and Benjamin Schwanebeck Shadow Banking and the Design of Macroprudential Policy in a Monetary Union
23-2020 Bernd Hayo Does Quantitative Easing Affect People’s Personal Financial Situation and Economic Inequality? The View of the German Population
22-2020 Özer Karagedikli and Ole Rummel Weighing up the Credit-to-GDP Gap: A Cautionary Note
21-2020 Christopher Ball, Nicolas Groshenny, Özer Karagedikli, Murat Özbilgin and Finn Robinson Low Wage Growth and Job-to-Job Transitions: Evidence from Administrative Data in New Zealand
20-2020 Andreas Ziegler New Ecological Paradigm Meets Behavioral Economics: On the Relationship between Environmental Values and Economic Preferences
19-2020 Philipp Kirchner On Shadow Banking and Financial Frictions in DSGE Modeling
Mohammad Reza Farzanegan, Mehdi Feizi and Hassan F. Gholipour
Globalization and Outbreak of COVID-19: An Empirical Analysis
17-2020 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan, Mehdi Feizi and Saeed Malek Sadati Google It Up! A Google Trends-based Analysis of COVID-19 Outbreak in Iran
16-2020 Mozhgan Asna-ashary, Mohammad Reza
Farzanegan, Mehdi Feizi and Saeed Malek Sadati
COVID-19 Outbreak and Air Pollution in Iran: A Panel VAR Analysis
15-2020 Jochen Michaelis and Benjamin Schwanebeck Das Bestellerprinzip auf Wohnungs- und Immobilienmärkten – ist gut gemeint auch gut?
14-2020 Israel García and Bernd Hayo Political Budget Cycles Revisited: Testing the Signalling Process European
Journal of Political Economy 69, 102030.
13-2020 Sebastian G. Kessing, Vilen Lipatov and J. Malte Zoubek Optimal Taxation under Regional Inequality
12-2020 Georg Götz, Daniel Herold, Phil-Adrian Klotz and Jan Thomas Schäfer Innovation, Bestsellers and Digitization - Where to Find the Needle in the Haystack?
11-2020 Georg Götz, Daniel Herold, Phil-Adrian Klotz
and Jan Thomas Schäfer
The Substitutability between Brick-and-Mortar Stores and e-Commerce -The Case of Books
10-2020 Stefan Büchele Evaluating the Link between Attendance and Performance in Higher Education - The Role of Classroom Engagement Dimensions
09-2020 Igor Asanov, Dominik P. Heinisch and
Nhat Luong
Folktale Narratives and Economic Behavior
08-2020 Johannes Zahner and Jonas Gross What’s on the ECB’s Mind? – Monetary Policy Before and After the Global Financial Crisis
07-2020 Peter Tillmann Macroeconomic Surprises and the Demand for Information About Monetary Policy
06-2020 Monika Banaszewska, Ivo Bischoff, Aneta
Kaczyńska and Eva Wolfschütz
Does inter-municipal Cooperation Help Improve Local Economic Performance? – Evidence from Poland
05-2020 Eva Wolfschütz The Effect of Inter-municipal Cooperation on Local Business Development in German Municipalities
04-2020 David Finck Forward Guidance Under the Cost Channel
03-2020 Astrid Dannenberg and Elina Khachatryan A Comparison of Individual and Group Behavior in a Competition with Cheating Opportunities
02-2020 Erik Heilmann, Nikolai Klempp and
Heike Wetzel
Market Design of Regional Flexibility Markets: A Classification Metric for Flexibility Products and its Application to German Prototypical Flexibility Markets

01-2020 Reinhold Kosfeld and Timo Mitze The Role of R&D-intensive Clusters for Regional Competitiveness