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MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


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Number Author Title Published
49-2009 Rainer Vosskamp Innovation, Income Distribution, and Product Variety
48-2009 Olaf J. Schumann & Hans G. Nutzinger Ordoliberalismus und Gerechtigkeit: Zum Verhältnis von Eucken und Kant M. Breuer, P. Mastronardi, B. Waxenberger (eds.): Markt, Mensch und Freiheit. Wirtschaftsethik in der Auseinandersetzung. Haupt Verlag 2009: 55-78.
47-2009 Martin Mandler Decomposing Federal Funds Rate forecast uncertainty using real-time data North American Journal of Economics and Finance 23, 2012: 228–245
46-2009 Peter Tillmann The Fed’s perceived Phillips curve: Evidence from individual FOMC forecasts Journal of Macroeconomics 32, 2010: 1008-1013
45-2009 Martin Mandler The Taylor Rule and Interest Rate Uncertainty in the U.S. 1970-2006
44-2009 David Büttner & Bernd Hayo News and Correlations of CEEC-3 Financial Markets Economic Modelling 27, 2010: 915–922
43-2009 Matthias Wrede Asymmetric Tax Competition with Formula Apportionment Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 2014 Volume 7 (1), 47-60
42-2009 Lena Calahorrano & Philipp an de Meulen Why Don’t Labor and Capital Flow Between Young and Old Countries?
41-2009 Jochen Michaelis & Marco de Pinto Wodurch wird die Lohnelastizität der Arbeitsnachfrage bestimmt? - die Hicks-Marshall-Regeln Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium, 39(10): 490-496
40-2009 Rüdiger Pethig & Frieder Kolleß Asymmetric capital-tax competition, unemployment and losses from capital market integration
39-2009 Akihiro Kawase & Katsuyoshi Nakazawa Long-term Care Insurance Facilities and Interregional Migration of the Elderly in Japan Economics Bulletin 29, 2009: 2981-2995
38-2009 Stefan Voigt How to Measure the Rule of Law Kyklos 65, 2012: 262-284
37-2009 Stefan Voigt How (Not) to Measure Institutions Journal of Institutional Economics 9, 2013: 35-37
36-2009 Stefan Voigt Positive Constitutional Economics II—A Survey of Recent Developments Public Choice 146, 2011: 205-256
35-2009 Bernd Hayo & Matthias Neuenkirch Canadian Interest Rate Setting: The Information Content of Canadian and U.S. Central Bank Communication Southern Economic Journal 78,
131–148, 2011
34-2009 Matthias Wrede Multinational Capital Structure and Tax Competition Swiss Journal of Economics & Statistics 149, 2013: 381-404
33-2009 Prosper F. Bangwayo-Skeete, Afaf H. Rahim and Precious Zikhali What determines workers’ preferences for efficiency over equity wages? Journal of Economic Studies 40, 2013: 600-613
32-2009 David Büttner & Bernd Hayo Determinants of European Stock Market Integration Economic Systems 35, 2011: 574–585
31-2009 Christian Groth, Karl-Josef Koch & Thomas M. Steger When economic growth is less than exponential Economic Theory 44, 2010: 213-242
30-2009 Björn Frank, Sha Li, Stephan Meisenzahl, Heike Minich, Nina Muraro, Marco de Pinto, Duncan Roth, Christoph Sänger & Nils Saniterel de Haas Anyone up for helping the Fischerman's Wife? More solidarity with accidental misery than with man-made misery Schmollers Jahrbuch – Journal of Applied Social Science Studies 131 2011: 569-580
29-2009 Johannes Paha Using Accounting Data in Cartel Damage Calculations – Blessing or Menace? European Journal of Law and Economics, 2012: Vol 34(2), 242-263
28-2009 Prosper F. Bangwayo-Skeete, Afaf H. Rahim and Precious Zikhali Does education engender cultural values that matter for economic growth? Journal of Socio-Economics 40, 2011: 163-171
27-2009 Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan & Matthias Neuenkirch The Impact of U.S. Central Bank  Communication on European and Pacific Equity Markets Economics Letters 108, 172–174, 2010
26-2009 Lena Calahorrano & Oliver Lorz Aging, Factor Returns, and Immigration Policy Scottish Journal of Political Economy 58, 2011: 589-606
25-2009 Bernd Hayo & Matthias Neuenkirch Do Federal Reserve Communications Help Predict Federal Funds Target Rate Decisions? Journal of Macroeconomics 32, 1014–1024,
24-2009 Georg Götz Competition, Regulation, and Broadband Access to the Internet
23-2009 Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan & Matthias Neuenkirch Federal Reserve Communications and Emerging Equity Markets Southern Economic Journal 78, 2012: 1041-1056
22-2009 Matthias Wrede Heterogeneous Skills and Homogeneous Land: Segmentation and Agglomeration
21-2009 Jochen Michaelis & Martin Debus Wage and (Un-)Employment Effects of an Ageing Workforce Journal of Population Economics 24, 2011: 1493-1511
20-2009 Jochen Michaelis & Alexander Spermann Geringqualifizierte Arbeit, Marktlöhne und Sozialpolitik: Konzepte für Deutschland Bildungsökonomik und Soziale Marktwirtschaft, Thomas Apolte (Hrsg.), Band 91, Brockhaus Commission, 173-201
19-2009 Matthias Göcke Efficiency Wages and Negotiated Profit-Sharing under Uncertainty Applied Economics Quarterly 57, 2011: 91-105
18-2009 Matthias Göcke Firing versus Continuing Employment if an Economic Setback is Expected
17-2009 Bernd Hayo & Björn Vollan Individual Heterogeneity, Group Interaction, and Co-operative Behaviour: Evidence from a Common-Pool Resource Experiment in South Africa and Namibia Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 81, 2012: 9-28
16-2009 Reinhold Kosfeld, Hans-Friedrich Eckey & Jørgen Lauridsen Spatial Point Pattern Analysis and Industry Concentration Annals of Regional Science 47, 2011: 311-328
15-2009 Carsten Hefeker & Michael Neugart Labor Market Regulation and the Legal System International Review of Law and Economics 30, 2010: 218-225
14-2009 Ivan Savin & Peter Winker Forecasting Russian Foreign Trade Comparative Advantages in the Context of a Potential WTO Accession Central European Journal of Economic Modelling and Econometrics 2, 2009: 111-138
13-2009 Carsten Hefeker & Blandine Zimmer Uncertainty and fiscal policy in an asymmetric monetary union Open Economies Review 22, 2011: 163-178
12-2009 Bernd Hayo & Hiroyuki Ono Livelihood and Care of the Elderly: Determinants of Public Attitudes in Japan Journal of The Japanese and International Economies 25, 76–98,
11-2009 Carsten Hefeker Taxation, Corruption and the Exchange Rate Regime Journal of Macroeconomics 32, 2010: 338-346
10-2009 Hans-Friedrich Eckey, Reinhold Kosfeld
& Alexander Werner
K-Funktionen als Instrument zur Analyse räumlicher (De-)Konzentrationsprozesse Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft, 2012, forthcoming
09-2009 Evelyn Korn & Stephan Meisenzahl Contracting still matters! Or how to design a letter of intent?
08-2009 Bernd Hayo & Matthias Neuenkirch Domestic or U.S. News: What Drives Canadian Financial Markets? Economic Inquiry 51 (3), 2012: 690-706.
07-2009 Oliver Budzinski & Jürgen-Peter Kretschmer Horizontal Mergers, Involuntary Unemployment, and Welfare
06-2009 Stefan Voigt Does Arbitration Blossom when State Courts are Bad?
05-2009 Stefan Voigt & Lorenz Blume The Economic Effects of Federalism and Decentralization – A Cross-Country Assessment Public Choice, 2010: 229-254
04-2009 Björn Frank Clean Evidence on Face-to-Face: Why Experimental Economics is of Interest to Regional Economists
03-2009 David Büttner, Bernd Hayo & Matthias Neuenkirch The Impact of Foreign Macroeconomic News on Financial Markets in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland Empirica 39, 2012: 19-44
02-2009 Oliver Lorz & Matthias Wrede Trade and Variety in a Model of Endogenous Product Differentiation B. E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy-Topics 9, 2009, Article 52
01-2009 Hans-Friedrich Eckey, Reinhold Kosfeld & Nina Muraro Auswirkungen der Bevölkerungsentwicklung auf das wirtschaftliche Niveau der Regionen in Deutschland