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MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


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Number Author Title Published
51-2011 Markus Jorra The Heterogeneity of Default Costs: Evidence from Recent Sovereign Debt Crises
50-2011 Nadeem Naqvi Demystifying Sraffa’s Theory of Value in the Light of Arrow and Debreu
49-2011 Christian M. Bender How to provide access to next generation networks? The effect of risk allocation on investment and cooperation
48-2011 Jing Dai, Stefan Sperlich & Walter Zucchini Estimating and Predicting the Distribution of the Number of Visits to the Medical Doctor
47-2011 Jing Dai, Stefan Sperlich & Walter Zucchini Estimating and Predicting Household Expenditures and Income Distribution
46-2011 Nadeem Naqvi & Carolin V. Schürg Efficiency-wage Hypothesis and the Operational Production Pattern International Journal of Latest Trends in Finance and Economics Series 2, 2012, No. 3
45-2011 Henrik Egbert & Nadeem Naqvi Market-dependent Production Set Journal of Economics and Finance Education 14, 2015, 31-40.
44-2011 Donald C. Keenan, Nadeem Naqvi & Gerald Pech A Theory of Dynamic Tariff and Quota Retaliation
43-2011 Matthias Neuenkirch Monetary Policy Transmission in Vector Autoregressions: A New Approach Using Central Bank Communication Journal of Banking and Finance, 37, 4278–4285
42-2011 Bernd Hayo & Matthias Uhl The Effects of Legislated Tax Changes in Germany Oxford Economic Papers 66, 2014: 397-418
41-2011 Bernd Hayo & Florian Neumeier Political Leaders’ Socioeconomic Background and Fiscal Performance in Germany European Journal of Political Economy 34, 2014: 184-205
40-2011 Bernd Hayo & Ummad Mazhar Monetary Policy Committee Transparency: Measurement, Determinants, and Economic Effects Open Economies Review 25, 2014: 739-770
39-2011 Ingo Fender, Bernd Hayo & Matthias Neuenkirch Daily CDS pricing in emerging markets before and during the global financial crisis Journal of Banking and Finance 36, 2012: 2786–2794
38-2011 Sebastian Prediger How does Income Inequality Affect Cooperation and Punishment in Public Good Settings?
37-2011 Johannes Paha, Dirk Rompf & Christiane Warnecke Estimating Travellers’ Preferences for Competition in Commercial Passenger Rail Transport
36-2011 Matthias Neuenkirch Central Bank Transparency and Financial Market Expectations: The Case of Emerging Markets Economic Systems 37 (4), 2013: 598-609.
35-2011 Bernd Hayo & Pierre-Guillaume Méon Behind Closed Doors: Revealing the ECB’s Decision Rule Journal of International Money and Finance 37, 2013: 135-160
34-2011 Sven Rudolph, Christine Lenz & Achim Lerch and Barbara Volmert Towards Sustainable Carbon Markets: Requirements for Ecologically Effective, Economically Efficient, and Socially Just Emissions Trading Schemes
33-2011 Matthias Hoffmann & Peter Tillmann International Financial Integration and National Price Levels: The Role of the Exchange Rate Regime Journal of International Money and Finance 31, 2012: 1503-1528
32-2011 Peter Tillmann Cross-Checking Optimal Monetary Policy with Information from the Taylor Rule Economics Letters 117, 2012: 204-207
31-2011 Matthias Neuenkirch & Pierre L. Siklos What's in a Second Opinion? Shadowing the ECB and the Bank of England European Journal of Political Economy, 32, 135-148
30-2011 Ulrich Oberndorfer, Marcus Wagner & Andreas Ziegler Does the Stock Market Value the Inclusion of a Sustainability Index? An Event Study Analysis for German Firms Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 66, 2013: 497–509
29-2011 Martin Mandler Threshold Effects in the Monetary Policy Reaction Function of the Deutsche Bundesbank
28-2011 Peter Tillmann Reputation and Forecast Revisions: Evidence from the FOMC
27-2011 Marco de Pinto & Jochen Michaelis International Trade and Unemployment - the Worker-Selection Effect Review of International Economics 22, 2014: 226-252
26-2011 Björn Frank Economic Page Turners Journal of Economic Methodology, 19, 2012: 317-327
25-2011 Christoph Bühren & Marco Pleßner The Trophy Effect Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 27, 2014: 363-377
24-2011 Bernd Hayo & Britta Niehof Identification Through Heteroscedasticity in a Multicountry and Multimarket Framework
23-2011 Marcel Foerster Bayesian Estimation of a DSGE Model with Inventories
22-2011 Peter Tillmann Inflation Targeting and Regional Inflation Persistence: Evidence from Korea Journal of Asian Economics 23, 2012: 360-373
21-2011 Moritz Bonn The Effect of High Skilled Immigration in a Dual Labour Market with Union Wage Setting and Fiscal Redistribution
20-2011 Nora Elbialy & Moamen Gouda Enforcing IPR through Informal Institutions: The possible role of religion in fighting software piracy
19-2011 Nora Elbialy & Miguel A. García-Rubio Assessing Judicial Efficiency of Egyptian First Instance Courts: A DEA Analysis
18-2011 Jana Brandt, Jürgen Meckl & Ivan Savin Factor-Biased Technical Change and Specialization Patterns
17-2011 Artur Grigoryan Incentives and the Delegation of Decision Making Power in Sovereign Wealth Funds
16-2011 Jürgen-Peter Kretschmer How to deal with Resale Price Maintenance: What Can We Learn from Empirical Results? European Journal of Law and Economics 38, 2014: 343-368
15-2011 Jürgen-Peter Kretschmer The Sequencing Problem in Sequential Investigation Processes
14-2011 Jürgen-Peter Kretschmer Optimal Structuring of Assessment Processes in Competition Law: A Survey of Theoretical Approaches
13-2011 Georg von Wangenheim & Tom Müller Feed-in-Tariffs Financed by Energy Taxes: When do They Lower Consumer Prices?
12-2011 Sven Rudolph Wo sind all die Klimamärkte hin? Eine polit-ökonomische Analyse nationaler Emissionshandelssysteme in Japan Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik & Umweltrecht (ZfU) 34, 2011: 145-182
11-2011 Matthias Göcke Learning-by-Doing in Two Sectors, Production Structure, Leisure and Optimal Endogenous Growth
10-2011 Stefan Krabel & Choni Flöther Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Regional Labor Mobility of German University Graduates Regional Studies 48, 2014: 1609-1627
09-2011 Benjamin Pakula & Georg Götz Biased Quality Investments and Organisational Structures in Network Industries - An Application to the Railway Industry
08-2011 Lena Calahorrano Population Aging and Individual Attitudes toward Immigration: Disentangling Age, Cohort and Time Effects Review of Internatonal Economics 21, 2013: 342-353
07-2011 Christian M. Bender & Georg Götz Coexistence of Service- and Facility-Based Competition: The Relevance of Access Prices for "Make-or-Buy"-Decisions
06-2011 Ulrich Zierahn Agglomeration, Congestion, and Regional Unemployment Disparities The Annals of Regional Science 51, 2013: 435-457
05-2011 Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan & Matthias Neuenkirch Communication Matters: U.S. Monetary Policy and Commodity Price Volatility Economics Letters 117, 2012: 247-249
04-2011 Sven Rudolph Wie der klimapolitische Patient Japan den Anweisungen des umweltökonomischen Doktors folgte: Eine Analyse nationaler Treibhausgas-Emissionshandelssysteme in Japan
03-2011 Bernd Hayo & Matthias Neuenkirch Do Federal Reserve Presidents Communicate with a Regional Bias? Journal of Macroeconomics 35, 2013: 62-72
02-2011 Károly Henrich Prioritätsfragen im Verhältnis von Ökonomik, Ethik und Ontologie: Prolegomena zu einem transdiszipliären Fundament der Naturökonomik
01-2011 Ivan Savin & Peter Winker Heuristic model selection for leading indicatiors in Russia and Germany Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis 10, 2012: 67-89