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2015 - MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


Coordination: Bernd Hayo • Philipps University Marburg
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Contact: Israel García
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Number Author Title Published
38-2015 Hanna Krings International trade in second-hand electronic goods and the resulting global rebound effect
37-2015 Shima'a Hanafy and Marcus Marktanner Sectoral FDI, Absorptive Capacity and Economic Growth — Empirical Evidence from Egyptian Governorates
36-2015 Matthias Göcke and Jolita Matulaityte Modelling economic hysteresis losses caused by sunk adjustments costs
35-2015 Denise Scheld, Johannes Paha and Nicolas Fandrey A risk governance approach to managing antitrust risks in the banking industry
34-2015 Christoph Bühren and Maria Daskalakis Do not incentivize eco-friendly behavior - Go for a competition to go green!
33-2015 Christian Schubert On the ethics of public nudging: Autonomy and agency
32-2015 Ivo Bischoff and Ferry Prasetyia Determinants of local public expenditures on education: Empirical evidence for Indonesian districts between 2005 and 2012
31-2015 Ivo Bischoff and Nataliya Kusa Policy preferences for inheritance taxation
30-2015 Julija Michailova and Christoph Bühren Money priming and social behavior of natural groups in simple bargaining and dilemma experiments
29-2015 Scott Barrett and Astrid Dannenberg Tipping versus cooperating to supply a public good Journal of the European Economic Association 15, 2017: 910-941
28-2015 Alexandru Mandes and Peter Winker Complexity and model comparison in agent based modeling of financial markets Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination 12, 2017: 469-506
27-2015 Dominik Heinisch, Önder Nomaler, Guido Buenstorf, Koen Franken and Harry Lintsen Same place, same knowledge - same people? The geography of non-patent citations in Dutch polymer patents Economics of  Innovation and New Technology 25, 2016: 553-572
26-2015 Max Albert Elementary logic for philosophy of science and economic methodology
25-2015 Benjamin Käfer The value of a joint liability scheme: Estimating group support for German Landesbanken Applied Economics Quarterly Vol. 62, No. 3, pp. 231 – 265.
24-2015 Elisabeth Schulte and Mike Felgenhauer Preselection and expert advice International Journal of Game Theory 46, 2017: 693-714
23-2015 Christian Bergholz and Ivo Bischoff Citizen's preferences for inter-municipal cooperation in rural areas: Evidence from a survey in three Hessian counties
22-2015 Jakob Palek and Benjamin Schwanebeck Optimal monetary and macroprudential policy in a currency union Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 93 (2019): 167-186
21-2015 Seo-Young Cho Does prostitution constrain sex crimes? Micro-evidence from Korea
20-2015 Sebastian Schäfer and Lisa Schulten Efficient promotion of renewable energy with reverse auctions
19-2015 Florian Neumeier Do businessmen make good governors?
18-2015 Tim Brühn and Georg Götz Exclusionary practices in two-sided markets: The effect of radius clauses on competition between shopping centers
17-2015 Matthias Greiff Integrating affective responses into game theory: A dual selves model
16-2015 Andreas Ziegler On the relevance of ideological identification and environmental values for beliefs and attitudes toward climate change: An empirical cross country analysis
15-2015 Alexandru Mandes Impact of inventory-based electronic liquidity providers within a high frequency event- and agent-based modeling framework
14-2015 Andreas Hildenbrand, Rainer Kühl and Anne Piper Do negative headlines really undermine the credibility of a quality label? A quasi-natural experiment Journal of Consumer Policy 39, 2016: 307–325
13-2015 Shima'a Hanafy Determinants of FDI location in Egypt - empirical analysis using governorate panel data
12-2015 Shima'a Hanafy Patterns of foreign direct investment in Egypt - descriptive insights from a novel panel dataset at the governorate level
11-2015 Bernd Hayo and Edith Neuenkirch The influence of media use on laymen's monetary policy knowledge in Germany
10-2015 Matthias Neuenkirch and Florian Neumeier Always affecting the wrong people? The impact of US sanctions on poverty
09-2015 Annette Meinusch and Peter Tillmann Quantitative easing and tapering uncertainty: Evidence from Twitter International Journal of Central Banking 13, 2017: 227-258
08-2015 Seo-Young Cho Does gender equality promote social trust? An empirical investigation World Development 88, 2017: 175-187
07-2015 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan, Mohammad Mohammadikhabbazan and Hossein Sadeghil Effect of oil sanctions on the macroeconomic and household welfare in Iran: New evidence from a CGE model M. R. Farzanegan and P. Alaedini (Eds.), Economic Welfare and Inequality in Iran, 2016: 185-211
06-2015 Jakob Palek The optimal monetary and fiscal policy mix in a financially heterogeneous monetary union Economic Modelling 61: 462-477
05-2015 Christoph Bühren and Stefan Krabel Individual performance after success and failure - a natural experiment
04-2015 Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler Offset carbon emissions or pay a price premium for avoiding them? A cross-country analysis of motives for climate protection activities Applied Economics 48, 2016: 746-758
03-2015 Ivo Bischoff and Özcan Ihtiyar Feedback and Emotions in the Trust Game
02-2015 Claudia Schwirplies Adaptation vs. climate protection: Responses to climate change and policy preferences of individuals in China, Germany, and the USA
01-2015 Lorenz Blume, Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt Correlates and Determinants of Direct Democracy