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MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


Coordination: Bernd Hayo • Philipps University Marburg
School of Business and Economics • Universitätsstraße 24, D-35032 Marburg
Tel. +49-6421-2823091, Fax: +49-6421-2823088

Contact: Nouhayla Torki
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Number Author Title Published
28-2023 Sajjad Faraji Dizaji and Mohammad Reza Farzanegan The Impact of US Trade Sanctions on the Global Trade of Target Countries: Do the Political Institutions of the Targets Matter?
27-2023 Israel García Budget Forecast Errors in Spanish Municipalities: The Role of Transparency
26-2023 Nhat Luong Structuring Integrity: The Impact of Form Partitioning on Honesty in Self-Reports
25-2023 Mohammad H. Asadi and Mohammad Reza Farzanegan Income and Happiness in Afghanistan: Do Insecurity and Violence Matter?
24-2023 Ellen Sterk, Morten Endrikat, and Dmytro Katerusha Citizens’ Acceptance of Sustainable Public Construction in Their Municipality
23-2023 Noriko Ashiya Japan-Specific Viewpoints for Bridging City Planning and the Industry of Agriculture
22-2023 Jinyeong Yun Capital Inflows and Income Inequality: Evidence from Panel VAR Approach
21-2023 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Reza Zamani Does Oil Corrupt? Evidence from a Multivariate VAR in Iran
20-2023 Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Sven Fischer The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Marriage and Childbirth: Survey-based Evidence from Iran
19-2023 Ivo Steimanis, Max Burger, Bernd Hayo, Andreas Landmann, and Björn Vollan A Storm Between Two Waves: Recovery Processes, Social Dynamics, and Heterogeneous Effects of Typhoon Haiyan on Social Preferences
18-2023 Max Albert Rationalität, Erkenntnis und Entscheidung. Bayesianismus und kritischer Rationalismus im Vergleich
17-2023 Jens Klose Empirical Effects of Sanctions and Support Measures on Stock Prices and Exchange Rates in the Russia-Ukraine War
16-2023 Bernd Hayo Documentation Paper: Representative Survey on Attitudes and Knowledge About Inflation and Monetary Policy in Germany Conducted in December 2022
15-2023 Luzie Thiel and Jochen Michaelis Digitales Zentralbankgeld: Warum wagt niemand den ersten Schritt?
14-2023 Moritz Grebe, Sinem Kandemir, and Peter Tillmann Uncertainty about the War in Ukraine: Measurement and Effects on the German Business Cycle
13-2023 Ellen Sterk Incentives for Construction Clients in Germany to Choose Concrete with Recycled Aggregates
12-2023 Sinem Kandemir and Peter Tillmann Not all ECB Meetings are Created Equal
11-2023 Ellen Sterk Willingness to Pay for Recycled Aggregates in Concrete among German Construction Clients
10-2023 Viktoriia Naboka-Krell Construction and Analysis of Uncertainty Indices based on Multilingual Text Representations
09-2023 Abeer Ibtisam Aziz Social Bots‘ Role in Online Political Communication – Evidence from German Federal Election 2021
08-2023 Iman Cheratian, Saleh Goltabar, Hassan Gholipour Fereidouni, and Mohammad Reza Farzanegan External Financing and Firm Growth: Evidence from Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Iran
07-2023 Albina Latifi, Viktoriia Naboka-Krell, Peter Tillmann and Peter Winker Fiscal Policy in the Bundestag: Textual Analysis and Macroeconomic Effects
06-2023 Israel García and Bernd Hayo Fiscal Reform in Spanish Municipalities: Gender Differences in Budgetary Adjustment
05-2023 Michaela V. Gerhardt, Elke D. Kanberger, and Andreas Ziegler The Relevance of Life-Cycle CO2 Emissions for Vehicle Purchase Decisions: A Stated Choice Experiment for Germany
04-2023 Luzie Thiel Monetary Policy and Inequality: a Two-way Relation
03-2023 Hamid Balali, Mohammad Reza Farzanegan, Omid Zamani, and Mostafa Baniasadi Air Pollution and Economic Sanctions in Iran
02-2023 Leo Reutter and Georg von Wangenheim And yet They Help. An Analytical Model of how Subsidies for Modernizing Landlords Overcome Inefficient Tenancy Law
01-2023 Astrid Dannenberg and Eva Weingärtner The Effects of Observability and an Information Nudge on Food Choice