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MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics


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Number Author Title Published
54-2013 Matthias Neuenkirch and Peter Tillmann Does a Good Central Banker make a Difference? Economic Inquiry 54, 2016, 1541-1560
53-2013 Andreas Hildenbrand and Mihael Duran The Role of Managerial Work in Market Performance: A Monopoly Model with Team Production
52-2013 Max Albert From Unrealistic Assumptions to Economic Explanations. Robustness Analysis from a Deductivist Point of View
51-2013 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier Public Attitudes Towards Fiscal Consolidation: Evidence from a Representative German Population Survey Kyklos 70, 2017, 42-69
50-2013 Kerstin Nolte and Susanne Väth Interplay of Land Governance and Large-Scale Agricultural Investment: Evidence from Ghana and Kenia Journal of Modern African Studies 53, 2015, 69-92
49-2013 Christoph Bühren and Thorben C. Kundt Imagine Being a Nice Guy: A Note on Hypothetical vs. Incentivized Social Preferences Judgment and Decision Making 10(2), 2015
48-2013 Marcel Förster The Great Moderation: Inventories, Shocks or Monetary Policy?
47-2013 Bernd Hayo and Edith Neuenkirch The German Public and its Trust in the ECB: The Role of Knowledge and Information Search Journal of International Money and Finance 47, 2014, 286-303
46-2013 John Moffat and Duncan Roth The Cohort Size-Wage Relationship in Europe LABOUR 30, 2016, 415-432
45-2013 Sven Rudolph, Takeshi Kawakatsu and Achim Lerch Regional Market-Based Climate Policy in North America: Efficient, Effective, Fair?
44-2013 Seo-Young Cho Liberal Coercion? - Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Policy European Journal of Law and Economics 41, 2016, 321-348
43-2013 Johannes Paha Cartel Formation With Endogenous Capacity and Demand Uncertainty
42-2013 Bernd Hayo and Britta Niehof Studying International Spillovers in a New Keynesian Continuous Time Framework with Financial Markets
41-2013 Pierre L. Siklos and Matthias Neuenkirch How Monetary Policy is Made: Two Canadian Tales International Journal of Central Banking 14, 2015, 225-250
40-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa Municipality Amalgamation and Free-Ride Behavior: Eligibility Assessments for Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan
39-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa Amalgamation, Free-Ride Behavior, and Regulation International Tax and Public Finance 23, 2016, 812-833
38-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa and Tomohisa Miyashita Municipality Amalgamation in Japan: A Survival Analysis of the Timings of the Amalgamation Process
37-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa and Tomohisa Miyashita Municipality Amalgamation in Japan: An Examination using Event History Analysis
36-2013 Matthias Neuenkirch and Florian Neumeier Party Affiliation Rather than Former Occupation: The Background of Central Bank Governors and its Effect on Monetary Policy Applied Economics Letters 22, 2015, 1424-1429
35-2013 Christian Westphal Logistic Regression for Extremely Rare Events:The Case of School Shootings
34-2013 Claudia Schwirplies and Andreas Ziegler Are German Tourists Environmental Chameleons? A Micro-econometric Analysis of Adaptation to Climate Change
33-2013 Christian Westphal Evidence for the "Suicide by Firearm": Proxy for Gun Ownership from Austria
32-2013 Christian Westphal The Social Costs of Gun Ownership: Spurious Regression and Unfounded Public Policy Advocacy
31-2013 Simone Gobien and Björn Vollan Exchanging land for solidarity: Solidarity transfers among voluntarily resettled and non-resettled land-reform beneficiaries American Journal of Agricultural Economics 98, 2016,
30-2013 Matthias Neuenkirch Federal Reserve Communications and Newswire Coverage Applied Economics 46, 2014, 3119-3129
29-2013 Max Albert and Hannes Rusch Indirect Reciprocity, Golden Opportunities for Defection, and Inclusive Reputation
28-2013 Johannes Paha The Impact of Persistent Shocks and Objective Functions on Collusive Behaviour
27-2013 Hannes Rusch What Niche did Human Cooperativeness Evolve In?
26-2013  Christoph Bühren and Thorben Kundt Worker or Shirker – Who Evades more Taxes? A Real Effort Experiment
25-2013 Helmut Lütkepohl, Anna Staszewska-Bystrova and Peter Winker Comparison of Methods for Constructing Joint Confidence Bands for Impulse Response Functions International Journal of Forecasting 31, 2015, 782-798
24-2013 Sven Heim and Georg Goetz Do Pay-As-Bid Auctions Favor Collusion? Evidence from Germany's Market for Reserve Power
23-2013 Jochen Michaelis Und dann werfen wir den Computer an – Anmerkungen zur Methodik der DSGE-Modelle Studien zur Kredit- und Finanzwirtschaft Band 190, Duncker & Humblot Berlin, 67-82
22-2013 Matthias Neuenkirch Predicting Bank of England’s Asset Purchase Decisions with MPC Voting Records Applied Economics Letters, 20(13), 1275-1278
21-2013 Matthias Neuenkirch Are Public Preferences Reflected in Monetary Policy Reaction Functions? Journal of Macroeconomics 40, 2014: 60-68
20-2013 Ivo Bischoff and Frédéric Blaeschke Incentives and Influence Activities in the Public Sector: the Trade-off in Performance Budgeting and Conditional Grants Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 26, 2016, 344-358
19-2013 Ivo Bischoff and Thomas Krauskopf Motives of pro-social behavior in individual versus collective decisions – a comparative experimental study Journal of Economic Psychology 51, 2015, 210-218
18-2013 Michael Bräuninger, Jochen Michaelis and Madlen Sode 10 Jahre Hartz-Reformen Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium 42, 2013, 554-559
17-2013 Evelyn Korn and Volker Robeck The Role of Sports Physicians in Doping: A Note on Incentives
16-2013 Evelyn Korn, Stephan Meisenzahl and Johannes Ziesecke How and When Can Economic Skills Enhance Cooperation?
15-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa and Tomohisa Miyashita Does the Method Adopted for Distribution of Services by Amalgamating Municipalities Affect Expenditure After Amalgamation? Evidence from Japan Open Journal of Applied Science 4, 2014
14-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa Cost Inefficiency of Municipalities after Amalgamation Procedia Economics and Finance 5, 2013, 581-588
13-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa Differential Market Entry Determinants for For-Profit and Non-Profit Long-Term Care Providers
12-2013 F. Westermaier, B. Morefield and A. Mühlenweg Impacts of Parental Health Shocks on Children's Non-Cognitive Skills
11-2013 Matthias Uhl A History of Tax Legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany
10-2013 Sven Rudolph Regionaler Treibhausgas-Emissionshandel in den USA
09-2013 Carsten Hefeker and Michael Neugart Policy Deviations, Uncertainty, and the European Court of Justice European Journal of Law and Economics 42, 2016, 547-567
08-2013 Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier Political Leaders' Socioeconomic Background and Public Deficits: Evidence from OECD Countries Economics & Politics 28, 2016, 55-78
07-2013 Ahmad Reza, Saboori Memar and Georg Götz R&D Incentives in Vertically Related Markets
06-2013 Ahmad Reza and Saboori Memar Profitable Entry into an Unprofitable Market
05-2013 Katsuyoshi Nakazawa, Kota Sugahara and Minoru Kunizaki Linkage between Benefit Expenditure and Premium Burden: Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan
04-2013 Matthias Greiff, Henrik Egbert and Kreshnik Xhangolli Pay What You Want – But Pay Enough! Information Asymmetries and PWYW-Pricing Management & Marketing 9(2), 2014, 191-202
03-2013 Marcel Förster and Peter Tillmann Local Inflation: Reconsidering the International Comovement of Inflation Open Economies Review, 2014, 1-23
02-2013 Christian Pierdzioch, Jan-Christoph Rülke and Peter Tillmann Using forecasts to uncover the loss function of FOMC members Macroeconomic Dynamics 20, 2016, 791-818
01-2013 Moritz Bonn On the Interdependence of Illegal and Legal Immigration