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B|Biegenstraße: University premises and their users

Several key buildings of the Philipps-Universität are located on Biegenstraße. The university administration and the presidium are located here, as is the main lecture hall with the university’s largest auditorium. The arts building is also located on Biegenstraße. The German Documentation Center for Art History - Foto Marburg Image Archive and the art museum are among the prominent institutions in this historic building. At Pilgrimstein, adjacent to the main lecture hall, a new research building for the German Language Atlas (Deutscher Sprachatlas) was built.

B|01 Hörsaalgebäude

Biegenstraße 14


Biegenstraße 10


Biegenstraße 12


Pilgrimstein 18+20

B|05 Forschungszentrum Deutscher Sprachatlas

Pilgrimstein 16


Biegenstraße 9

B|11 Kunstgebäude

Biegenstraße 11


Biegenstraße 36