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Foto von Philipp Suessenbach

Dr. Philipp Süssenbach

E-mail:   philipp.suessenbach[AT]

Phone: +49(0)6421-28-23715
Office:    01 063

Department of Psychology
Psychological Methods
Gutenbergstrasse 18
D-35032 Marburg



Academic Education

  • 2012 : Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Bielefeld)
  • 2009 : Diploma in Psychology (University of Bielefeld)         


Research Interests

  • Social psychological research on aggression and violence
  • Attitude research
  • Moral psychology


Research Projects




  • Süssenbach, P., Albrecht, S., & Bohner, G. (in press). Implicit judgments of rape cases: An experiment on the determinants and consequences of implicit evaluations in a rape case. Psychology, Crime & Law.
  • Süssenbach, P., Gollwitzer, M., Mieth, L., Buchner, A., & Bell, R. (2016). Trustworthy tricksters: Violating a negative social expectation affects source memory and person perception when fear of exploitation is high. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 2037.
  • Gollwitzer, M., Braun, J., Funk, F., & Süssenbach, P. (2016). People as intuitive retaliators: Spontaneous and deliberate reactions to observed retaliation. Social Psychological and Personality Science,7, 521-529.
  • Pieritz, K., Süssenbach, P., Rief, W., & Euteneuer, F. (2016). Subjective social status and cardiovascular reactivity: An experimental examination. Frontiers in Psychology, 7,1091.
  • Süssenbach, P. (2016). Vergewaltigungsmythen und Entscheidungen in Vergewaltigungsfällen – Eine Übersicht mit Metaanalyse. Recht & Psychiatrie, 34, 35-42.
  • Schubert, T., Süssenbach, P., Schäfer, S., & Euteneuer F. (2016). The effect of subjective social status on depressive thinking: An experimental examination. Psychiatry Research, 241, 22-25.
  • Süssenbach, P., Eyssel, F., Rees, J., & Bohner, G. Looking for blame: Rape myth acceptance and attention to victim and perpetrator. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, in press.
  • Gollwitzer, M., Süssenbach, P., & Hannuschke, M. (2015). Victimization experiences and the stabilization of victim sensitivity. Frontiers in Psychology, 6:439.
  • Süssenbach, P., & Gollwitzer, M. (2015). Us(ed): The role of victim sensitivity in potentially exploitative intergroup relationships. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 18, 241-255.
  • Euteneuer, F., Süssenbach, P., Schäfer, S., & Rief, W. (2015). Subjektiver sozialer Status - Skalen zur Erfassung des wahrgenommenen sozialen Status im sozialen Umfeld (SSS-U) und in Deutschland (SSS-D). Verhaltenstherapie, 25, 229-232.
  • Glaser, T., Dickel, N., Liersch, B., Rees, J., Süssenbach, P., & Bohner, G. (2015). Lateral attitude change. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 19, 257-276.
  • Euteneuer, F., Schwarz, M. J., Schmidmaier, R., Hennings, A., Riemer, S., Stapf, T., Selberdinger, V., Süssenbach, P., Dannehl, K., & Rief, W. (2014). Blunted exercise-induced mobilization of monocytes in somatization syndromes and major depression. Journal of Affective Disorders, 166, 156-164.
  • Süssenbach, P., Niemeier, S., & Glock, S. (2013) Effects of and attention to graphic warning labels on cigarette packages. Psychology & Health, 28, 1192-1206.
  • Gollwitzer, M., Rothmund, T. & Süssenbach, P. (2013). The Sensitivity to Mean Intentions (SeMI) model: Basic assumptions, recent findings, and potential avenues for future research. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 7, 415-426.
  • Süssenbach, P., Eyssel, F., & Bohner, G. (2013). Metacognitive aspects of rape myths: Subjective strength of rape myth acceptance moderates its effects on information processing and behavioral intentions. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 28, 2250-2272.
  • Süssenbach, P., Bohner, G., & Eyssel, F. (2012). Schematic influences of rape myth acceptance on visual information processing: An eye-tracking approach. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48, 660-668.
  • Süssenbach, P., & Bohner, G. (2011). Acceptance of sexual aggression myths in a representative sample of German residents. Aggressive Behavior, 37, 374-385.
  •  Eyssel, F., Bohner, G., Süssenbach, P., & Schreiber, P. (2009). Neuentwicklung und Validierung eines szenariobasierten Verfahrens zur Erfassung der Neigung zu sexueller Aggression [Development and validation of a scenario-based measure of sexual aggression proclivity]. Diagnostica, 55, 117-127.



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