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Dr. Gunnar Lemmer

E-mail:  gunnar.lemmer[AT]uni-marburg.de
Phone: +49(0)6421-28-23632
Office:   01 057

Department of Psychology
Psychological Methods
Gutenbergstraße 18
D - 35032 Marburg

Academic Education and Positions

  • 2005: Diploma in Psychology, University of Marburg, Germany
  • 2005 - 2010: Lecturer in Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, Social Psychology Workgroup, University of Marburg
  • 2011: Dr. rer. nat.
  • since 2010: Lecturer in Psychological Methods, Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods Section, University of Marburg

Research Interests

Meta-Analyses und Systematic Reviews, Evaluation, Evidence Based Policy and Practice (EBPP), Intergroup Relations, Prevention of Prejudice, Aggression and Violence

Recent Publications

  • Lemmer, G. & Gollwitzer, M. (in press). The "true" indirect effect won't (always) stand up: When and why reverse mediation testing fails. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 69, 144-149.
  • Thanhäuser, M., Lemmer, G., de Girolamo, G., & Christiansen, H. (2017). Do preventive interventions for children of mentally ill parents work? Results of a systematic review and meta-analysis. Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 30, 283-299. 
  • Lemmer, G. & Wagner, U. (2015). Can we really reduce ethnic prejudice outside the lab?  A meta-analysis of direct and indirect contact interventions. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 152-168.
  • Lemmer, G., Gollwitzer, M., Schiller, E.-A., Strohmeier, D, Banse, R., & Spiel, C. (2015). On the psychometric properties of the Aggressiveness-IAT for children and adolescents. Aggressive Behavior, 41, 84-95.
  • Asbrock, F., Lemmer, G., Becker, J., & Koller, J., & Wagner, U. (2014). ‘Who are these foreigners anyway?’ – The content of the term foreigner and its Impact on prejudice. SAGE Open.
  • Fischer, S., Lemmer, G., Gollwitzer, M., & Nater, U. (2014). Stress and resilience in funtional somatic syndromes – a structural equation modeling approach. PLoS One, 9, e111214.
  • Gollwitzer, M., Christ, O., & Lemmer, G. (2014). Individual differences make a difference: On the use and the psychometric properties of difference scores in social psychology. European Journal of Social Psychology, 44, 673-682.
  • Schwinger, M., Wirthwein, L., Lemmer, G., & Steinmayr. R. (2014). Academic self-handicapping and achievement: A meta-analysis. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106, 744-761.



  • Statistics I (lecture)
  • Statistics II (lecture)
  • Multivariate Statistics (lecture, seminar)
  • Experimental Designs (lecture)
  • Meta-Analysis (seminar)
  • Evaluation (seminar)
  • Evaluating scientific research articles (seminar)

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