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Prof. Dr. Anna Schubö

Prof. Dr. Anna Schubö

Office 02 055
Gutenbergstraße 18
35032 Marburg

Phone: +49-6421-2825594
Fax: +49-6421-2828948


Research Interests

  • Visual attention; Temporal and spatial constraints in visual selection
  • Perception-Action Coupling
  • Context effects in visual perception
  • Motor preparation and coordination in joint action tasks


Publications (selection)

Feldmann-Wüstefeld, T., Brandhofer, R., & Schubö, A. (2016). Rewarded visual items capture attention only in heterogeneous textures. Psychophysiology.

Feldmann-Wüstefeld, T., Uengoer, M. & Schubö, A. (2015). You see what you have learned. Evidence for an interrelation of associative learning and visual selective attention. Psychophysiology, 52, 1483–1497.

Dötsch, D. & Schubö, A. (2015). Social categorization and cooperation in motor joint action: Evidence for a joint end-state comfort. Experimental Brain Research, 233, 2323-2334.

Garrido-Vásquez, P. & Schubö, A. (2014). Modulation of visual attention by object affordance. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 59.

Feldmann-Wüstefeld, T. & Schubö, A. (2013). Textures shape the attentional focus: Evidence from exogenous and endogenous cueing. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, 75(8), 1644-1666.

Feldmann-Wüstefeld, T., Wykowska, A. & Schubö, A. (2013). Context heterogeneity has a sustained impact on attention deployment: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence. Psychophysiology, 50, 722-733.

Leszczynski, M., Myers, N., Akyürek, E. G., & Schubö, A. (2012). Recoding between two types of short-term memory representation revealed by the dynamics of memory search. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 24, 653-663.

Vlaskamp, B.N.S., & Schubö, A. (2012). Eye movements during action preparation. Experimental Brain Research, 216, 463-472.

Akyürek, E. G., & Schubö, A. (2011). The allocation of attention in displays with simultaneously presented singletons. Biological Psychology, 87, 218-225.

Feldmann-Wüstefeld, T., Schmidt-Daffy, M., & Schubö, A. (2011). Neural evidence for the threat detection advantage: Differential attention allocation to angry and happy faces. Psychophysiology, 48, 697-707.

Wykowska, A., & Schubö, A. (2011). Irrelevant singletons in visual search do not capture attention but can produce non-spatial filtering costs. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23, 645-660.

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Wykowska, A., & Schubö, A. (2010). On the temporal relation of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms during guidance of attention. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 22, 640-654.

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Schubö. A., Schlaghecken, F., & Meinecke, C. (2001). Learning to ignore the mask in texture segmentation tasks. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 27, 919-931.

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