26.03.2024 First EUPeace Fund project meeting "Our cultural heritage - the basis of our house Europe" in Madrid

Gruppenbild von Projekttreffen
Participants of the meeting from left to right: Dr Mirko Rašić (University of Mostar), Prof. Guillermo Reher Díez (Comillas Pontifical University), Jesenko Hadžihasanović M.A. (University of Sarajevo), Prof Felix Teichner (Marburg University) , Prof. Tino Tomas (University of Mostar), Tobias Heuwinkel B.A. (Marburg University), Elisa Pérez Avellán (Comillas Pontifical University)

March 5 to 8, 2024, days before the decision of the European Commission to enter accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EUPeace Fund team of "Our cultural heritage - the basis of our house Europe", met in Madrid to jointly make plans for their further project execution with a regional focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The Comillas Pontifical University provided a perfect meeting space at its inner-city campus, Calle de Alberto Aguilera. In attendance were Prof. Guillermo Sven Reher Díez and Elisa Pérez (both Comillas Pontifical University), Avellán Mirko Rašić and Tino Tomas (both University of Mostar), Jesenko Hadžihasanović M.A. (University of Sarajevo), Prof. Dr. Felix Teichner and Tobias Heuwinkel B.A. (both Marburg University).  Dr. Michaela Stark and Solvejk Langer M.A. (University of Giessen) took part digitally.  

During the work meeting, the participants prepared the way for continued work to take place at the University of Sarajevo and the University of Mostar.  In addition, the planning for a "Spring School" for the academic year 2025, open to all students of the EUPeace Alliance, was coordinated and prepared for a funding application. As a result, the participants anticipated the EUs recent decisions on accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina and decided to hold this Spring School in the very country in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula.

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