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Index Card Catalogues

The Index Card Catalogues consist of scanned, mainly handwritten cards. These handwritten entries made automatic text recognition impossible. Every 50th card was manually recorded and made searchable. These cards, spaced at intervals of every 50th entry, are the index cards.

If you have problems trying to identify the book number, please read this Help Page or contact Information. Please indicate, if possible, the catalogue card’s Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which is listed under every card.

To order these media, please follow the indicated hyperlinks or use our order form. Please note that you cannot borrow the following materials for home use but must read them in the Special Reading Room. In order to access these materials you must identify yourself to staff with your passport or identity card:

  • Books published before 1900
  • Particularly valuable titles
  • Maps
  • Typed Dissertations
  • Marburg Diploma Theses insofar as they are part of the University Library holdings.