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Union Catalogue 1930-1973 of Philipps-University Marburg

 Referenced Literature in the Union Catalogue

The Marburg Union Catalogue 1930-1973 contains books, maps, sheet music, and microforms (microfiches and microfilms) for the period 1930-1973 insofar as they are not yet listed in OPAC and Katalog Plus. It contains the holdings of all the libraries in Marburg University with the exception of academic and scientific journals, which are not included.

 Tips for Searching the Catalogue

On account of their age and provenance from several different university libraries, the quality of the title cards varies considerably. Therefore the catalogue query entered into the “name” or “title” fields may not necessarily give you the correct result.

Editors and public organisations are definitely NOT to be found in the “name” field, nor can series be found in the “title” field.

We advise you, therefore, preferably to search in the field “free search” and to combine the search keywords with “and”.

It is also possible that some titles cannot be fully displayed on account of faulty text recognition. In this case, please use the scroll function in the catalogue by clicking on +1 etc. above the displayed title card.

When using the scroll function in the retro union catalogue, please note that the order of the title cards follows the set of rules known as the ”Preussische Instruktionen.” The basic rules catalogue a monograph with three authors under the name of the first author. The works of this author are sorted in alphabetical order as determined by the underlined entry words.

Monographs by several authors, collective works and serial publications are usually sorted under the first grammatically independent noun in the title.

Book Number

The book number belonging to the University Library is always to be found in the upper right-hand corner of the title card. The location of books in the decentralized libraries is stamped with their name on the top of the card. Title cards with a crossed out book number or none at all indicate books in the relevant branch library.For more information, please contact us at the main desk on the ground floor.