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It is frequently the case that books or journals required for research and teaching purposes can only be used in the reading room because they are very old or in bad condition. The University Library decided to embark on a digitisation project in order to improve access to these fragile materials and make them easier to use.  This was made possible through the allocation of special funds to purchase and install the necessary technical equipment for the scanning and digitisation of books and journals.

All books and journals in the holdings of Marburg University Library, which were published before 1900 and are in a suitable condition, can be digitised.  Any member of the teaching staff can submit a digitisation request, provided the material is required for a course or seminar at Philipps-University Marburg.

There are no costs incurred in ordering digital copies of books or journals from the holdings of the University Library for teaching purposes at Philipps-University Marburg. If you require digitised materials from other sources please consult the contact mentioned below.

How do you go about getting digitised materials? Please inform us which materials you want digitised. Use our DIGI Book order form (German) to do this.  The digitised titles will be made available through the University Library’s archive server and can be found in Katalog Plus.


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