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Faculty 01 - Faculty of Law

Why Law in Marburg?

The faculty of law at Marburg University is a centre of legal training and research in the middle of Germany. With 80 faculty members, 2,000 fulltime students and a curriculum with more than 100 courses and seminars, it aims at training lawyers who are capable of coping with legal as well as economic and social problems and transactions. Marburg provides an excellent learning environment characterised by academic freedom, international orientation, small teaching groups right from the start and, by German standards, a reasonable student-teacher ratio. Specially for students from abroad our department features a Master’s programme (Magister Legum) as well as lectures and seminars in English. The general training for lawyers who want to practise in Germany consists of a 4-year university course ending with the First State Exam.

The Department

Law has been studied and taught in Marburg since 1527. The Faculty is one of the oldest continuously operating institutions of its kind in Germany. From its beginnings as the first protestant law school it was staffed with scholars of European recognition: Friedrich Carl von Savigny (1779–1861) studied and taught here. Among his students were the Brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. In 1882 Franz von Liszt (1851–1919), professor of Criminal Law, pronounced the “Marburg Programme” introducing the core principle of “special prevention” in the theory of punishment. He founded the International Society of Criminal Sciences. Alumni include the former president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Gustav Heinemann, and the former prime minister of Greece, Kostas Simitis.

Today special emphasis in research and education is being laid on Business Law including Financial Services Law as well as Media Law, Comparative Law, Sports Law, Criminology and 20th Century History of War Crimes. Moreover, a special post-graduate programme on Law and Medicine and extensive tutoring for a group of about 50 foreign law students, mostly within the Sokrates programme, are being offered.

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