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Search Tips for Finding Literature


Are you searching for ...

  • ... a particular book?

    Begin your search in Catalogue Plus (Katalog Plus). This search contains books published from 1974 onwards and older titles are continually being added to the database. Articles, DVDs, videos, online resources etc. are also available on this database.

    Your search query

    • You aready know the title or author/editor of the book: Use keywords from the title and/or name of the author/editor to start your search query.
    • You only know the approximate title of the book: Enter keywords into the search box. Catalogue Plus provides easy to use choices for word completion options and phonetic and word stem searches
      Further search options are available on our help page.
    • If the book titles you are searching for were published before 1974 and are not in Catalogue Plus, then use our search and order portal Hebis. This contains the University Library complete catalogue for the years 1930-1937, as well as the complete catalogue for 1929 and previous years. More information on these catalogues and other special catalogues can be found on this information page.

    Your search result

    • You have been successful and found the book you wanted. Make a note of the location of the book. This information as well as details of the call number and whether the book can be borrowed is given in Catalogue Plus. There is also a link to the library where the book is located which contains information on opening hours and rules for borrowing books from the relevant library.
    • Information on borrowing books from the University Library (UB) is here. In the decentralised libraries, in the textbook collection (LBS) and in the open access book stacks (OM) of the University Library (UB), you can take the books you want to borrow directly from the shelves and check them out yourself. An online order is only possible if you wish to reserve books from the textbook collection or the open access book stacks in the University Library.
    • The book you are looking for is not in the Marburg catalogues: Order it online via the inter-library loan system.

    Any further questions?

    Our library staff will be pleased to help you!

  • ... a special journal?

    You have the title and bibliographic details of an article and want to find the journal or newspaper in which it was published?
    Begin your search: Look in Catalogue Plus. It contains the titles of all journals and newspapers in the University Library's holdings either in print form or on electronic databases.

    Your search query

    Enter the beginning of the title or keywords into the Catalogue Plus search slot. Using the button "type of material" in the monitor bar on the left, you can limit the search results to show journals only.

    Your search result

    • The journal you are looking for is present in Marburg. The call number and location tell you in which library it can be found.
    • The journal is available in electronic form. The internet address is provided in Catalogue Plus. The link connects with the Electronic Journal Library [EZB]. The colour dot tells you whether the journal is freely available on the internet (green), or if it is only activated for use within the university (yellow), or whether you only have access to abstracts and content lists (red).
    • If you cannot find the journal you are looking for, go to the literature search and order portal Hebis. This enables you to search all libraries in Germany for the required journal and to oder the article or articles you need, using the inter-library loan system.

    Any further questions?

    Our library staff will be pleased to help you!

  • ... for articles and literature on a particular subject?

    You have formulated the necessary search terms (German, English) for the subject you are researching.

    Now start your search query

    by going to Catalogue Plus first. It contains thousands of articles from all subjects and disciplines, including links to many of them. This link provides more detailed information on the contents and also on the bibliographical databases not included in Catalogue Plus.

    Continue your search

    Select the Database Information System DBIS (Datenbank-Infosystem DBIS). It lists all central specialist databases (Bibliographies) in which you can find articles published in journals, edited volumes, congress papers, and jubilee publications.

    How to select the right database:

    • DBIS lists the most important databases at the top of the specialist list for each individual subject. By clicking on the individual database title, you can obtain information about each database: contents, updates, period of time covered, etc.
    • In several specialist databases, the button "Verfügbar / Available" appears beside the article details. Click on the button which connects you to the HeBis Union Catalogue (HeBis-Verbundkatalog) or the Electronic Journals Catalogue. You can check immediately if the article is present in Marburg. If this button does not appear, then make a note of the bibliographical details of the journal in which teh article has been published, and follow the page "Suche nach Zeitschriften" (Search for journals, see above).
    • If the article is not present in Marburg, then order it via the inter-library loan system or the document delivery service

    Any further questions?

    Take a look at the pages containing specific information on your subject. They offer valuable tips on available online resources and how to find literature. Make use of our courses on how to use these databases. You can also ask our information service and specialist librarians for further assistance.!