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The University Library is ready to offer help and advice to academic and scientific institutions, as well as individual researchers, on the use and application of authority files.

We offer advice on technical requirements and their linkage to your project environment, and also on third- party funding.

Before submitting a proposal for third-party funding, we recommend getting in touch with the University Library first, since personnel and financial resources for authority file entry must be planned in advance and contained in the proposal for third-party funding.

GND Authority Files

  • Learn more about GND authority files and the latest developments with our help.
  • We provide support to help you choose which model of access to the authority file (reading access/ active collaboration via internal format or web form) best matches your requirements.
  • In a training course you can learn more about the GND data format, cataloguing level and authorizations, as well as research, correction and recataloguing of entries, and editing procedures.
  • Make use of our mentoring and support services for your project.


Dr. Hartmut Bergenthum
Tel.: +49 6421 28-25198

Marie-Luise Mathias
Tel.: +49 6421 28-25114

Dr. Diana Müller
Tel.  +49 6421 28-25113