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Online Sleep Training for Teachers with Work-related Stress

Principal Investigators

Foto Prof. Dr. Matthias Berking

Prof. Dr. Matthias Berking

David Daniel Ebert

Dr. Dirk Lehr (Leuphana University Lüneburg)


Hanne Thiart (Leuphana University Lüneburg)


European Union
Unfallkasse NRW


Innovationsinkubator Leuphana University Lüneburg
Philipps-University Marburg
VU University Amsterdam
Unfallkasse NRW

Project Outline

Insomnia and work-related stress often co-occur. Both are associated with personal distress and diminished general functioning, as well as substantial socio-economic costs. Internet-based CBT-I interventions (ICBT-I) could potentially reduce the given supply gap and are proven to be effective. There is less known about the efficacy of ICBT-I in populations affected by work-related stress. Thus, the aim of the present study is to evaluate an ICBT-I training tailored to teachers affected by occupational stress.
In a two-arm randomized controlled trial (N = 126), the effects of a guided ICBT-I training will be compared to a waitlist-control condition. Apart from classic CBT-I elements (e.g. sleep hygiene, sleep restriction) the training accentuates the promotion of recreational activities and cognitive detachment. German teachers with clinical significant insomnia complaints and work-related strain are included. The primary outcome is insomnia severity, which is evaluated at and 6-months follow-up. Additionally, an economic evaluation from a societal perspective will be conducted.


Internet Links

www.geton-training.de (German)

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