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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen, PhD

Research Group „Multimodal Imaging in Cognitive Neuroscience”

Philipps-Universität Marburg, Fachbereich Medizin

Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie,

Rudolf-Bultmann-Str. 8, 35039 Marburg

Phone: +49 6421 – 5865273, Fax: +49 6421 – 5868939

Email: jansena@med.uni-marburg.de



Research focus
One of my primary research goals is to understand the basic principles underlying hemispheric lateralization. I address this question using multimodal imaging techniques, in particular magnetic resonance imaging, aiming at characterizing the principles of hemispheric lateralization in terms of asymmetries in brain connectivity. In our interdisciplinary research team, we further develop methods to improve the quality of the data acquisition, to assess the reliability of imaging data, to integrate different imaging modalities, and to advance data analysis techniques. These methods are applied in various research projects in cognitive and clinical neuroscience, for instance in the field of imaging genetics and in multicenter studies on psychiatric disorders.


Publications (10 selected Publications since 2007)

1. Pyka M, Hahn T, Heider D, Krug A, Sommer J, Kircher T, Jansen A (2012). Baseline Activity Predicts Working Memory Load Of Preceding Task Condition. Hum Brain Mapp (in press).

2. Paulus FM, Krach S, Bedenbender J, Pyka M, Sommer J, Krug A, Knake S, Nöthen MM, Witt SH, Rietschel M, Kircher T, Jansen A (2012). Partial support for ZNF804A risk status dependent alterations in prefrontal connectivity. Hum Brain Mapp (in press).

3. Exner C, Zetsche U, Martin V, Rief W, Jansen A (2012). Regional gray matter changes in obsessive-compulsive disorder: Relationship to clinical characteristics. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 202(1):74-6.

4. Bedenbender J, Paulus FM, Krach S, Pyka M, Sommer J, Krug A, Witt SH, Rietschel M, Laneri D, Kircher T, Jansen A (2011). Functional Connectivity Analyses in Imaging Genetics: Considerations on Methods and Data Interpretation. PLoS One 6(12):e26354.

5. Pyka M, Heider D, Hauke S, Kircher T, Jansen A (2011). Dynamic causal modeling with genetic algorithms. J Neurosci Methods 194(2):402-6

6. Jansen A, Krach S, Krug A, Markov V, Thimm M, Paulus F, Zerres K, Stöcker T, Shah NJ, Nöthen MM, Treutlein J, Rietschel M, Kircher T (2010). The effect of G72 genotype on neural correlates of memory encoding and retrieval. Neuroimage 53(3):1001-6

7. Jansen A, Krach S, Krug A, Markov V, Eggermann T, Zerres K, Stöcker T, Shah NJ, Nöthen MM, Treutlein J, Rietschel M, Kircher T (2009). A putative high-risk haplotype of the G72 gene is associated with better performance in working memory functions in healthy individuals: A combined neuropsychological and functional imaging study. Neuroimage 45(3): 1002-8.

8. Jansen A, Liuzzi G, Deppe M, Kanowski M, Oelschlager C, Albers JM, Schlaug G, Knecht S (2009). Structural correlates of functional language dominance – A voxel based morphometry study. Journal of Neuroimaging (in press).

9. Jansen A, Lohmann H, Scharfe S, Deppe M, Sehlmeyer C, Knecht S (2007). The association between scalp hair-whorl direction, handedness and hemispheric language dominance - Is there a common genetic basis of lateralization? NeuroImage 35, 853-861

10. Jansen A, Sehlmeyer C, Pfleiderer B, Sommer J, Zwitserlood P, Knecht S (2008). Development of a paradigm to determine material-specific memory lateralization using functional MRI. Clin Neurol Neurosurg 111(1): 57-62.



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