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Prof. Dr. med. Axel Pagenstecher  

Direktor der Abteilung Neuropathologie, Universität Marburg,

Baldingerstraße, 35039 Marburg,

Tel. +49-6421-2862282, FAX: +49-6421-2862258

Email: pagenste@med.uni-marburg.de




Research focus
The Department focusses on the effects of matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) and A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease (ADAMs) and their inhibitors i.e. tissue inhibitors of metalloproteases (TIMPs) in the biology of CNS-inflammation, gliomas and ischemic disorders. A multitude of metalloproteases of both groups, MMPs and ADAMs, are upregulated in inflammatory disorders such as EAE and MS as well as in gliomas. The effects of metalloproteases are multifunctional: On one hand these factors play a pivotal role in tissue destruction by degrading the constituents of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and on the other hand MMPs and ADAMs can act as sheddases and thereby exert immunomodulatory and other signalling functions. The latter effects may be detrimental as well as beneficial for the diseased organ. We try to elucidate the role of particular proteases in the pathogenesis of EAE, CNS-ischemia and gliomas.


-    Generation of transgenic mouse models

-    Experimental inflammatory (EAE) and infectious (BDV) disorders of the CNS

-    Primary cultures of astrocytes and microglia

-    Organotypic slice culture of cerebellum, cortex and spinal cord

-    Non-viral and viral gene expression

-    Experimental glioma models, stereotactic implantation of tumors in the murine CNS

-    Routine techniques for the expression and detection of proteins

-    Routine techniques of molecular biology and qRT-PCR, RNase protection assay

-    Electron microscopy


Selected publications:

1. Huber M, Heink S, Pagenstecher A, Reinhard K, Ritter J, Visekruna A, Guralnik A, Bollig N, Jeltsch K, Heinemann C, Wittmann E, Buch T, Prazeres O, Brüstle A, Brenner D, Mak TW, Mittrücker HW, Tackenberg B, Kamradt T, Lohoff M. (2013) Pathogenic IL-17A-dependent help of Tc17 cells for Th17-mediated autoimmune encephalomyelitis, J Clin Invest;123(1):247-60

2. Radke J, Bortolussi G, Pagenstecher A. (2013). Activated Akt and c-Myc induce a progenitor-like phenotype of mature primary p53-/- astrocytes and render these cells gliomagenic in the brain of immunocompetent micePLoS One 8:e56691

3. Hofer MJ, Riehmer V, Kuhnt D, Braun V, Nimsky C, Weber RG, Sommer C, Pagenstecher A. (2012). Genomic profiling to assess the clonal relationship between histologically distinct intracranial tumours. Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol.38: 500-4

4. Renner F, Saul VV, Pagenstecher A, Wittwer T, Schmitz ML. (2011). Inducible SUMO modification of TANK alleviates its repression of TLR7 signalling. EMBO Rep. 12:129-35

5. Althoff GEM, Wolfer DP, Timmesfeld N, Kanzler B, Schrewe H, Pagenstecher A (2010) Long-term expression of TIMP1 in the murine CNS does not alter the morphological and behavioural phenotype but alleviates the course of EAE. Am J Pathol, 177:840-853

6. Sonar SS, Hsu YM, Conrad ML, Majeau GR, Kilic A, Garber E, Gao Y, Nwankwo C, Willer G, Dudda JC, Kim H, Bailly V, Pagenstecher A, Rennert PD, Renz H. (2010) Antagonism of TIM-1 blocks the development of disease in a humanized mouse model of allergic asthma. J Clin Invest., 120(8):2767-81

7. Vetter  M, Hofer M, Roth E, Pircher HP, Pagenstecher A (2009). Intracerebral Interleukin 12 Induces Glioma Rejection in the Brain Predominantly by CD8+ T Cells and Independently of Interferon-g. J Neuropath Exp Neurol; 68:525-534

8. Wildeboer D, Naus S, Amy Sang QX, Bartsch JW, Pagenstecher A (2006). Metalloproteinase disintegrins ADAM8 and ADAM19 are highly regulated in human primary brain tumors and their expression levels and activities are associated with invasiveness. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 65:516-27.

9. Hofer M, Hausmann  J, Staeheli  P , Pagenstecher A (2004). Cerebral expression of interleukin-12 induces neurological disease via differential pathways and recruits antigen specific T cells in virus infected mice, Am J Pathol, 165: 949-58

10. Pagenstecher A, Wussler EM, Opdenakker G, Volk B, Campbell IL (2001). Distinct Expression Patterns and Levels of Enzymatic Activity of Matrix Metalloproteinases and their Inhibitors in Primary Brain Tumors, J Neuropath Exp Neurol, 60:598-612



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