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Information for first-time users

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Welcome to the Marburg University Library!

Here you find useful information on how to get started at the library.

Have a good start in Marburg and a successful semester!

  • Information and support

    If you have questions on how to use library services or how to find information, our information desk team is happy to assist you.

    The University Library’s writing centre offers information and advice on academic writing.

  • Library introductions, courses and e-learning

    In our introductions (video tutorials, online-modules or courses), you can learn more about using the library.

    Apart from the introductions, we offer a range of courses, workshops and coffee lectures as well as online-modules on how to find information, academic writing and media production. Please note that the majority of our courses are in German.

    Would you like to take a virtual tour of the University Library? Then take a look at our 360 degree tour.

    For those of you who like escape games and who want to learn more about the library, we recommend our point and click-adventure EscapeUB.

  • User ID card and user account

    The Marburg Student Services Ucard also serves as a user ID card for the University Library, which enables you to borrow media for home use and to manage your account.

    The Ucard is issued either in the Student Services building (Mensa) or in the University Library (UB). However, it must be activated for use as a library user ID card either in the University Library or in the Central Medical Library (ZMB). Please note that you cannot pay cash at the library. To purchase a Ucard you need a voucher which can be bought at the payment machine next to the central information desk (payment by EC-card). You can use the Ucard to pay for scanning, copying and printing as well as to pay at the dining facilities of Marburg Student Services.

    Registered students at Marburg University only need to show their official identity documents and student id in order to have their user ID card activated. Other persons must complete the application form for a user ID card. More information is available under Detailed information "user ID card".

    It is very important to make a note of the card number (six or seven digits in the lower left corner of the front of the card for the pay function) and the user ID card number (eight-digit number under the barcode on the back of the card). Please store these numbers carefully and do not lose them.

    If you lose your card, please inform the University Library and Marburg Student Services (Mensa) immediately so that your card can be blocked as soon as possible. You are responsible for any misuse of the card. If you no longer need your Ucard, please return it to the University Library (UB) or to the Central Medical Library (ZMB) for deactivation and then return it to the information point in the Mensa. The card cannot be transferred to any other person.

    Further information on the conditions of use for the Ucard can be found on the Marburg Student Services webpage.

    The machine to recharge your Ucard is located in the University Library directly to the left beside the main desk (show location). Information on other charging machines is available on the Marburg Student Services web pages.

    You can use your library account to manage your loans and orders. You can also extend the loan period for books you have borrowed. You can log in using the number printed on the back of your Ucard.

  • Borrowing books and other media

    The University Library at Deutschhausstraße 9 offers a large and freely accessible book collection. You can access the shelves directly and use the self-service machines to borrow items. Books with a green call number (shelf mark) can be borrowed for a period of 14 days and books with a yellow or a white call number for a period of 28 days. Books with a red call number (shelf mark) are for in-house use only. The major part of our collection is located in closed stacks and has to be ordered via the library catalogue. These books can be borrowed for up to 28 days. If the media have not been reserved, you can extend the loan online up to fourteen times.

    Detailed information on the rules for borrowing books in the University Library.
    Rules for borrowing books in the branch libraries.

    Information on reserved media, reminders to return books and other notifications are sent via email. You must enter a valid email address into your account.

  • Catalogue and databases

    KatalogPlus is the main search tool at the University Library. It shows you which media are available at the University Library and where to find them. You can also access electronic resources via KatalogPlus.

    Direct access to our online catalogues is available on the start page of our website.
    An overview of all the most important search tools is to be found under Catalogues and Databases. All catalogues are freely available on the internet. Databases and other electronic media sometimes have restricted access only.

    Our virtual map of the building shows you where to find a book or journal in the library.

  • Using electronic resources

    The University library offers a large collection of electronic resources, such as monographs, textbooks, journals and databases (some with full text). Electronic media are often only accessible for members of the University of Marburg.

    If you are on campus (using computers at the library or a pc pool) you can access these resources directly via Katalog Plus. Please log in with your user id number.

    Licensed databases and electronic texts can also be accessed outside Marburg University Library. Further information can be found here.

  • Textbook collection and course reserves

    Introductions, dictionaries and handbooks for many subjects are available in the textbook collection on level -1 of the university library or electronically via KatalogPlus. These books have a yellow shelf mark and can be borrowed for up to four weeks. Some faculties have their own branch libraries (Law, Business and Economics, Medicine, Psychology, Theology, Religious Studies, Mathematics and Computer Science).

    Some instructors use course reserves to make relevant literature available for their classes. Electronic course reserves are available via the central learning platform ILIAS in the respective course. Course reserves with printed materials are located in the libraries. In the University Library, course reserves are located on level 0. In order to enable all students to access the relevant literature for a class, books which are on course reserve cannot be borrowed.

  • Work stations and public computer pools

    At our libraries, you find different types of workstations – individual workstations, single and group study rooms, lounges, computer workstations or workstations for video and sound editing. Please consult our web pages concerning seat reservation and the availability of group and specialized workstations.

    In the Central University Library there is a pc pool on the ground floor (three of them barrier-free) and another one in the media centre on the first floor. Here you can also find a helpdesk with staff from the University Computer Center, who can assist you with questions or problems concerning pcs or WLAN. Your Central User Account issued by the University Computer Center enables you to access these computers, ILIAS, MARVIN and Webmail.

    Further information on the availability of PC workplaces in the branch libraries can be found on their web pages.

  • Printing, copying, scanning

    On practically every floor of the University Library you will find a copying room equipped with copying machines, printers, and frequently with a scanner as well. Payment for the use of these machines is made with your Ucard. If you want to print, use a computer from the pc pool, then always enter the number displayed on the front of your Ucard.

    Further information on the locations of the machines and the instructions on how to use them are on the page "Printing, Copying, Scanning"

    For information on the equipment of branch libraries please see their websites.

  • WLAN

    WLAN is available throughout the whole University Library building: for single workplaces and PC pools, as well as single and group study rooms.
    You need a Central User Account or an account from another university participating in eduroam if you wish to use WLAN. If you have any questions regarding WLAN, please visit the University Computer Center helpdesk in the media centre on the first floor of the library.

    For information on WLAN at the branch libraries please see their websites.

  • Branch Libraries

    The University Library consists of the main library on Deutschhausstraße 9 as well as other branch libraries, which offer subject specific literature, information and support as well as good learning environments. More information on branch libraries.