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Borrowing Conditions

For how long can you borrow literature?

Literature can be borrowed from the University Library for a period of 4 or 2 weeks. Users with disabilities can borrow for longer after consultation with the Loans Department. If the loan period ends on a public holiday on which the Central Library is closed, you can return the book on the following workday without receiving a fine.

Please inquire directly in the decentralised libraries about their borrowing conditions. If after a book has been renewed, the lending period falls on a day on which the library in question is closed (e.g. Sat/Sun) you can return the book on the following workday. If you have been issued with a fine in these circumstances, please contact the relevant decentralised library from which you borrowed the literature to have it revoked.

When and how can you extend the loan period?

Literature which has been reserved cannot be renewed.

Almost all borrowed books and media can be renewed up to 14 times up to one day before they are due to be returned. You can extend the loan period yourself in your user account or you can do so in the University Library’s Loans Department, or at the service desk in the decentralised library from which you have borrowed the literature. Please note that the borrowing period is extended for another four weeks from the day on which it is renewed. Further extensions are only possible on presentation of the books and media in the library from which they have been borrowed.

When do you have to pay a fine?

The fine on the first day after the end of the loan period is € 3.00 per item. A second reminder is issued14 days later and the fine increases to € 6.00 per item. The third reminder is issued 14  days after the second reminder and the fine rises to € 12.00 per item. All fines are due on the date on which the loan period has been exceeded and a reminder has been issued. This may not be the same date as the one on which the reminder has been received.

How and where can you pay library fines? 

Please note that overdue fines can only be paid after you have returned the books or media. Please return the books to the library from which they have been borrowed first and then pay the fines. For the payment please use the payment machine which can be found opposite the return machines.

Payment by bank transfer is also possible: University Library bank account details IBAN DE 30 5335 0000 0000 0001 08 SWIFT-BIC HELADEF1MAR. Please enter in the field "Verwendungszweck" the number 554.000.02 and your user ID card number. The University Cash Office does not inform us immediately that the fines have been paid. In order to avoid your user account being blocked, please email us proof of payment:

Employees of Philipps-University Marburg, who have access to cost centres are allowed to debit their fines to the cost centres. The only thing they have to do is emailing the user ID card number and the number of the cost centre to: 

Please note that if fines are not paid punctually, your user account will be blocked. You will be informed of this per email. After the third unsuccessful reminder, an enforcement order according to the newest version of the Hessian Enforcement Law of 4.7.1996 (GVBI, I. S. 151) will be issued at the expense of the user.

    Books and media which are lost or damaged must be replaced or compensation paid. The University Library decides the type and amount of compensation to be paid.

    Excerpt from the register of administration costs:

    Object Assessment Base Fee (€)
    Reminder when loan period is exceeded: 1st reminder per item 3,00
    Reminder when loan period is exceeded: 2nd reminder per item 3,00
    Reminder when loan period is exceeded: 3rd reminder per item 6,00
    Procedure for replacement of damaged or lost items. In addition, the costs for repair,
    reconstruction or the replacement value of the item must be paid.
    per item 11,00
    Costs for the replacement of a lost locker key. If the lock has to be replaced as well,
    these additional costs must be paid.
    Orders for literature
    Supply of literature through the German inter-library loan system per volume or item and article copies not
    exceeding 20 pages

    How and when can borrowed literature be returned?

    Borrowed literature can be returned during the regular library opening hours. An automated book return point is located in the entrance of the University Library.

    Books and media can also be returned by post. Please address the parcel to the Universitätsbibliothek, Ausleihe, Deutschhausstraße 9, 35037 Marburg. In order to avoid fines for late returns, please allow sufficient time for the parcel to reach the Loans Department before the end of the loan period.

    Email notifications sent to library users

    The following notifications to library users are sent by email only:

    • Notifications about reserved books
    • Demand for return of books lent by you and required by another user
    • 3 days before the loan period ends, you will receive a reminder of the return date per email. This is a service provided by the University Library but it does not guarantee the safe transmission of the email. It is your responsibility alone to ensure that you return your borrowed literature in time. The first reminder that you have missed the return date is issued the day after the end of the loan period.
    • Reminders for non-returned literature are sent as emails. If you have not supplied an email address, these will be sent by post.

    Please note:

    Email notifications can only be sent if you have entered an email address onto your email account. The University Library accepts no liability for incorrect email addresses or for transmission failures for technical reasons.

    Please give notification of any change in your email address or enter the new correct email address into your user account.

    You can retrieve all the above information online via your user account.


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