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Payment machine

The payment machine beside the entrance to the University Library Marburg can be used to settle all fees and charges (reminders, reservations, etc.) conveniently and cash-free by EC-card.

Please note that overdue fines can only be paid after you have returned the books or media. Please return the books to the library from which they have been borrowed first and then pay the fine. If your user account is already locked, please contact our library staff at the loan desk after paying the overdue fines.

By pressing the menu button “Shop” the payment machine can also be used to purchase vouchers for:

  • Ucard deposit (Monday-Friday 8 to 18)
  • Deposit money into the personal inter-library loan account
  • Overdue fines for lockers
  • Various articles for sale (e.g. book flea market)

These vouchers can be exchanged at the loan desk.

Bank transfer

It is also possible to pay the following fees by bank transfer: University Library bank account details IBAN DE 30 5335 0000 0000 0001 08 SWIFT-BIC HELADEF1MAR.

  • Overdue fines  - Please enter in the field "Verwendungszweck" the number 554.000.02 and your user ID card number.
  • Inter-library loan account - Please enter in the field "Verwendungszweck" the word  “Fernleihgebühren”,  your name and user ID card number.
  • Ucard deposit – Please enter in the field "Verwendungszweck" the number 140.021.00 and  your name

The University Cash Office does not inform us immediately that the fines have been paid. For urgent matters please email us proof of payment:

Paying by cash is not possible. The Ucard wallet can only be used to pay for print outs and photocopies.