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Clearing Center

If you have not been successful in finding the book with the status available in Katalog Plus, or if you have been unable to locate a specific journal issue in the open-access stacks, it is possible that another person is using it. Please search for it in the stacks at a later point in time. If the medium is still not in its proper place, our clearing centre will search for it.

We always do our best to locate it for you promptly.

You can find the forms for a tracing request at any of the service desks in the Library.

If we succeed in finding the medium, we will notify you by email or else inform you what other possibilities are available.

If the results of the search show that the medium cannot be found, then the clearing center will register the status of the book as missing and, if you wish, you can order it from another library using the inter-library loans service.

If you are of the opinion that the University Library should replace the missing medium, you can submit an acquisition request.

A Useful Tip:

If, when searching Katalog Plus, you come across a book registered as missing, you should still check its location on the open-access shelves. If you find it present on the shelves after all, you cannot borrow the book before its status has been corrected. In this instance please contact the central service desk on the ground floor.