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How Can I Find a Reputable Journal in Which to Publish My Work?

In the dynamic world of publication it is proving increasingly difficult to keep track of developments and to distinguish between the reputable and the less reputable publishers. Frequently academics and scientists are sent unsolicited mails with the offer to publish their research for a publication fee.

Ask Questions

If you receive such a mail or come across a journal which you think might be suitable for your research, do not rely on the self-portrayal of the publisher but instead ask some pertinent questions:

  • Do you or your colleagues have any independent information about this journal or the publisher?
  • Have you ever read any articles published in this journal?
  • Can you find these articles in the specialist databases which you use?
  • Do you know the editors or any members on the editorial board of this journal?
  • Do those named mention their function for this journal on their own website?
  • Does the website list the costs involved in publishing research in this journal?

In addition, you should check whether the publisher or the journal belongs to

If it is an Open-Access-Journal, then check whether

Note also that Marburg University Library pays attention to ensure that the allocation of publication funds is only provided for publication in reputable journals. The University Library is willing to help members of the university check whether the offer of publication hey have received has been made by a reputable provider.


If you have any questions or need help to judge the suitability of a particular journal, then please contact

Margit L. Hartung

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